Literature review on brand preference of mobile phones

Main / Literature review on brand preference of mobile phones

A PROJECT REPORT ON Brand Preference Of Mobile Phones Among The experimental group consists from23 students, whereas the control group consists from 22 students. Understanding the brand preference of students with regard to mobile phones. It helps us to know what are the basis on which a students chooses a particular brand when he/she purchases a new handset. The project will help to learn about the growing telecom sector in India.

Students Brand Preferences towards Smartphone These students were divided into two groups; experimental and control groups. Are influenced the customer brand preference and there exists a strong relationship between these factors and brand preference. Keywords Smartphone, Samsung, Walton, Oppo, Brand preference, Brand satisfaction, SPSS I. Introduction New generation can be called as smart phone generation as they love to busy with their smart phone all the time.

PDF Customer Brand Preference of Mobile Phones at Hyderabad. The experimental group members were enrolled in the proposed vocational guidance program. The Researchers of this paper aimed to address the question by analyzing brand is preferred most by mobile phone users in Hyderabad town while purchasing mobile phones and status and impact of the.

An Empirical Study of Brand Preference for Mobile Phones However, the control group members were not enrolled in the latter program. The primary objective of the study is to assess the brand preference for mobile phones among the management students of Kolhapur City. It also identifies the major features which a student looks in a mobile phone. The present study is the descriptive research.

REVIEW OF LITERATURE It was found that there is a statistically significant difference between the vocational levels of the control and experimental groups. REVIEW OF LITERATURE Androulidakis ; G. Kandus 2011 correlated the brand of mobile phone to users’ security practices. Users show different behavior in an array of characteristics, according to the brand of the mobile phone they are using. As such, there is a categorization of

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